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What we do

Hey hey, I'm Lauren, the founder of this beautiful community and women's networking group!

Although I sort of started it all by accident but my goodness does Affinity have a powerful sense of purpose now!

We're unlike any other women's business networking group out there because we base our relationship building on genuine friendship.

We don't do in person meetings, we do 'socials' instead. We don't do elevator pitches in our online networking, we do the anti 60 pitches instead, where we shout out the person we've just chatted to. And we don't do hard selling, we do deep and meaningful connection.



  • We believe in community and collaboration over competition
  • We encourage curiosity and kindness with zero judgement
  • Deeper connection through vulnerability, trust and genuine friendship
  • Fun! Because why bother if it's not a giggle right?

We're always working towards creating a beautifully safe space where women can thrive by unlocking our deeper selves, our gifts and all the possibilities we have within us. I believe that this comes through vulnerability and trusting those we walk alongside.

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  • The Online Community — where we're creating a safe space in the online world where sharing and being vulnerable is encouraged, we're curating a different kind of culture where we're not competing but holding each others hands.
  • The Networking Sessions — where we have 121 conversation about big things, silly things and everything in between. This face to face communication helps us deepen our relationships, become confident in talking about ourselves and helps us step out of the shadows and into our own spotlight.
  • Free Guest Masterclasses — covering all manner of topics relevant to women in business. These are free live events and the replays are available to VIP Members so you can watch any time.
  • The Affinity Socials — these are designed to help us connect on a more playful level, we sometimes talk about business but we often talk about emotions, struggles and more often than not any old silly thing that happens to come up. It's all about friendship.
  • Special Events — photoshoots and in person workshops to celebrate ourselves and feel empowered. The most recent was an empowerment shoot for women who have experienced trauma where they shared their stories and their scars.


We're not at all anti-men at Affinity but there's a different dynamic in a mixed gender space, there's more caution and fear of judgement (whether it's the reality or not).

I've found that we're able to talk more openly about all manner of things (and bare all) when we are surrounded by our female peers and the energy in the room is different (not better or worse, just different). It's more conducive to vulnerable conversation.

I believe we're more able to find our voice when surrounded by likeminded women and that's what we're all about at Affinity; helping you to find your unique voice, to deliver your message and to create the positive ripple effect of change in the world.

Magic happens when powerful individuals, who share the same vision, join forces.

Affinity Socials: A ready made social life (awesome humans included)

Check out the gallery below to find out what madness we've been up to including; e-biking, white water rafting, mountain hiking, Christmas parties, Go Ape, ice hockey, dinners out and so much more to come....




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