guest masterclasses

Thanks so much for your interest in The Community Talks!

These are interactive Guest Expert Workshops designed to show off your expertise whilst also providing value to our wnonderful, engaged community.

How does it work?

I would love to, firstly, thank you for your interest in coming on to our Affinity Guest Masterclasses and sharing your knowledge for the benefit of the community members in our group.

I really want these sessions to have a workshop feel so there is actionable advice/exercises included within.

The reason for this is not only because they then get something more tangible, in return for giving their time, but because they are so much more likely to remember the experience and therefore remember you and what you do, if you have halped them take a positive step forward.

The session is hosted via Zoom as this encourages a more engaged group. The session is recorded.


There are a variety of options for delivery;

  • 30 minute presentation where I introduce and hand over to you (15 mins Q&A at the end)
  • 30 minute discussion between you and I where I ask you questions (15 mins Q&A at the end)
  • 45 Minute interactive presentation or discussion where the particpants are involved throughout

I'm happy to be led by your personal style and preference of delivery but I would LOVE it if you could include and activity and a 5-10 minute breakout room for the attendees to discuss.

How will you benefit?

The Affinity Guest Masterclasses are primarily designed to add value for our community members but to also to gain exposure for you, your expertise and your business.

I want for you to get as much out of this as possible and whilst it's not a sales pitch, I will always be sure to ask you at the end to promote any offers, freebies or launches you have coming up so you can shine a light on what you do and get leads!!



My lovely VA Michelle will be your point of contact and will communicate with you re any questions you have in the run up to the masterclass but I will manage the Zoom session on the day and the masterclass itself but, as above, we have an array of format options and I'm happy to cate to your own particular style of presenation.



We can time your Masterclass in line with a launch or new service so if you can't find a date that works on the spread sheet then do just get in touch using the email below and we can find a date that will help get the right people on your radar.



I'll need to to access my Masterclasses Soreadshet (see below) and add all the required and relevant info to it. I'm happy for you to include specific questions (that you'd like me to ask you) in the spreadsheet that will help steer the conversation so you can show off the best of your expertise.I always recommend keeping it simple so focus on 2-4 points in the session so as not to overwhelm. Give GREAT value but not make sure you leave our attendees wanting to know more about you.

The sessions should include one breakout session so include a simple activity for them to complete in small teams. This tend sto make sure they remember you as you have, during the session, helped them with something that has substancially moved them forward.



Your business links will be presented in the event and alongside the videos wherever they are posted (including on my membership website #yayforbacklinks).


How will the recording be used?

  • The replay will be posted in the Members part of my membership
  • In short, it will be available within the public domain and by agreeing to come on the show, you are agreeing to these uses.
  • Upon request, it can also be sent to you to use within your business for promotional purposes

Ready to go ahead?

If you'd like to go ahead I'll need the following from you so please fill in the details on the spreadsheet link below and email the photo over;

  • Snappy title to capture peoples attention (make sure this tells them what they will get out of their time with us - this is the main sales line)
  • Short bio outlining your qualifications, knowledge area and experience (get your personality in here!)
  • Your business links (URLs to all the websites/profiles you'd like to share)
  • Link to lead magnet/freebie/special offer/challenge you have coming up
  • Link or instruction outlining what they should do next, following the session (CTA)
  • Any questions you'd like me to ask you during the session
  • Email (professional) profile photo to

You'll need to request access to the spreadsheet but as soon as I see the request I'll get you authorised.