Affinity Hosts - All you need to know

Affinity Hosts - All you need to know

Thank you so much for joining us as an Affinity Host, I'm so grateful to you for giving our your time and energy to help lead this beautiful community.

You'll need to login in to Lauren's Zoom to host the meeting

You'll be sent the login details.

It may ask you for a OTP the first time (and sometimes again later if you've cleared your internet cache) so this will also be sent to you.


Please intro yourself as today's guest host. share a little about your business and what you do but keep it under a few mins.

Key points to include

  • This is a welcoming, vulnerable space so come as you are
  • Don't be salesy - Share your business from a place of passion and purpose
  • Ask each other what can I do to help you today?
  • Give a conversation starter
  • Mention the mexican wave but you don't have to do it. You can make up your own or not do anything - totally up to you and what feels good)

Please also cover the format so they know what to expect;

  • No 60 sec pitches
  • 10 minute 121 breakout rooms
  • Anti 60 second pitches back in the main room (keep this to 2-3 absolute max and watch the time)

NB. I move each person down one space to ensure people meet a new face each room but please find a way to do this that feel manageable to you.


Feel free to make it your own, energetically, when you host but please do stick to the usual format.



  1. Who's your ideal client, who should I be sending your way?
  2. What's your favourite social media time hack?
  3. Which platform do you soend most of your time on and why?
  4. Do you feel any resistance to getting viisble in your business?
  5. What's your top three business values?
  6. Why did you start doing what you do?
  7.  What are you working on right now and how can I help you get eyes on it?
  8. What mindset blocks do you feel you've conquered recently?
  9. What self care rituals do you have to make sure you're in tip top shape for running your business and taking care of your clients?
  10. What do we have in common?