Are you blocking yourself from receiving new clients?

Let’s start with an exercise and a simple question and I’d love you to really feel into this;

“If you had 10 new clients sign up tomorrow, how would you feel…honestly?”

So just close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths followed by beautiful slow exhales, get into your body and really step into that tomorrow version of you. Then bring your mind to the question.

When our minds say yes and our bodies want to go hide under a duvet

We are all consciously asking the universe for more clients – “I’d love to have loads of new clients sign up this week!”. That’s the conscious thought process right? But what it‘s out of alignment with what lies beneath? The energy we show up with will feel ‘off’.

NEWSFLASH: our subconscious mind is something crazy like 95% in charge of the intentions we set, the decisions we make, the energy we show up with and the outcomes we receive.

So even though most of us have the initial, conscious, response of ‘YES PLEASE!’, when we feel into it, our subconscious mind chips in with “oooh …wait a second, I’m not entirely sure I have capacity for that right now – there’s all the on boarding and nurturing to do and I really want them to know they’re valued and to have a great experience and what about all the emails back and forth and then of course the actual service work I’ll need to do for them…perhaps I’m not ready for that…?” Cue overwhelm and the energetic equivalent of hiding in our blanket forts spending the day colouring and pretending that the world doesn’t exist!

The connection going on in our unconscious minds affects how we show up in our business – so if on an unconscious level we’re uncertain then there’s a chance that the energy you’re showing up with is not only ‘not calling them in’ but is ‘actively blocking the receivership of new clients’. Yikes!!!

Let me put it another way; if, on an unconscious level, you don’t believe you have the capacity for 10 more clients right now then you will not be manifesting 10 new clients right now. Chances are, the underlying energy may be stopping ANY clients from coming in.

So how can we shift this and be open to receiving instead?

Awareness and Acceptance

Awareness is ALWAYS the first step to creating a change. If we don’t know there’s a problem, we cannot address it and if we cannot accept it as a problem then there’s nothing we can do to change it. Kindness and curiosity here always, please! Put the stick away, you didn’t know you were doing it and your unconscious was only trying to protect you – as it always is.

So really notice how you feel when you think about receiving 10 new clients. Notice any resistance that may be lurking there, perhaps you catch your breath because it feels too much, is it overwhelming? 

Then grab a pen and paper and jot down all the things that are already filling that space, making the idea of more clients feel like an overwhelming possibility.

Be Realistic

Be honest with yourself about what capacity you have right now. Only then can we begin to get honest with ourselves about how many clients we could actually take on.

Perhaps 10 is too many?

Then reduce it down to a number that feels manageable and realistic and make that your goal. This will unconsciously (but powerfully) affect your energy when showing up. It’s a clear directive that both your conscious and unconscious minds have agreed upon rather than the excited conscious mind saying ‘hell yeah, gimme all those clients!’ and your unconscious screaming ‘dear god no! I don’t have the bandwidth, the time or the energy for that’ then freaking out and pushing EVERYONE away!

Make Space

If you don’t want to reduce the number of clients you’re calling in, and you really would love 10 new clients this week, it’s possible to expand our capacity by rejigging our priorities.

There are activities we do in our business and in our lives that don’t really (or at all) move the needle when it comes to achieving our goals AKA busy work (I am a nightmare for distracting myself with busy work at times!!).

So can you be more consciously aware of how you spend your time? Can you make space to welcome more clients by minimising the busy work you’re doing – the activities that add little to your business?

 Maybe there are things outside of your business that can be axed to give more space to welcome in clients? 

Think about making a list of the non-negotiables like family time and a list of the activities that may come under the title of ‘busy work’ then see where you can make some space. A declutter if you like…?


We’ve all heard the saying ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’ right? Well, imagine how much time you’d get back to work with those 10 new clients if you outsourced all your admin?

There are certain things in our business that simply have to be done by us because we have that ‘special something’. But there’s a ton of stuff that can be handed over to a VA. Once you have that off your plate, you’ll have more brainspace to energetically welcome in new clients and you can spend more of your time doing the ‘money earning’ stuff.

Outsource to free up your time.

Manage Expectations 

If you’re thinking that those 10 new clients of yours need immediate attention, think again. 

What if you were blocking them from coming in because you had this belief?

How about instead you just manage our clients expectations and our own expectations about time frames so we don’t overwhelm ourselves or disappoint our clients

When they arrive, just let them know right away how you work – manage your time with them carefully. As long as you communicate with people, unless the situation is urgent, most people are happy with a slightly extended timeframe.

You can also consider adding people to a waiting list. Again this allows you to energetically call people in because you know that the right people will be happy to wait a little while to work with you. This is all about managing your time and boundaries, still welcoming in new clients but managing their expectations.

Waiting lists are a great testament to the demand for what we offer and a sign to clients that we’re a great choice.


Start thinking strategically about how many clients you can take on board. How much time do you realistically have to work with clients? How many can you work with at a time? How much time does each one need, contingency planning for things not going to plan etc.

Once you have a better idea of the time allocation you can start to think strategically about how many clients you can take on. You might find that 10 really is too many and once you’ve calculated the true number then you can set this as your goal

So how many new clients would feel good to you? Once you know you can give your brain that directive and set your RAS to work*, ensure it’s something that’s agreed upon between the conscious and unconscious and start calling in those clients!

*What the hell is a RAS? This little nugget is the reticular activating system in the brain. It filters all the information that passes through your senses – much of which is discarded as irrelevant BUT when you set a goal, create a vision board or focus on something you want it suddenly becomes very important to the RAS. So it goes to work – it finds all the people, information, opportunities etc. that could help you to achieve your goal. The RAS is the reason why, when you’ve decided to buy a new car – you suddenly see it everywhere! And it’s vital in manifesting!

The great thing about the RAS is that it’s all going on in the unconscious mind so it’s working for you in the background – however!!!!! You do need to take action on the opportunities presented to you.

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