New to Networking: 5 Minute Challenge


What it’s About

We’ve all had those horrifying networking experiences where we felt awkward, icky, cringey and just plain dirty with hard selling techniques and having to summarise the beautiful essence of the incredible work we do in just 60 seconds …or essentially sell ourselves ‘at’ a room full of people!

It doesn’t feel good, none of it does. The sell or be sold to approach just doesn’t suit us empathetic women who love to give and receive in a beautiful energetic exchange.

So at Affinity, we do things a little (VERY) differently. And I’m on a mission to show the world that networking doesn’t have to feel that way. It can be a really beautiful, nurturing experience when approached like an actual human!

So come learn how to network in a softer way so you can show up in a way that feels good and build wholesome relationships instead of stacks of business cards devoid of personality or life.

Learn How To:

  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from reaching out
  • Set and achieve your networking goals
  • Figure out what YOU need from your networking sessions, as a beautifully unique being
  • Show up as your actual self with confidence so you can convey your message in a powerful way to connect with your dream humans
  • Find the right groups for you based on the approach you’ll develop over the challenge

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’ve wanted to try networking for a while but haven’t yet dipped your toe (for fear of sharks!)
  • You’ve tried and actually have had your toes ripped off by sharks
  • You know the real potential of networking to not only grow your business but also yourself
  • You want to build a supportive, nurturing community so you no longer feel alone in business

You’re not alone! I used to feel the same about networking! After my first experience it took me two years to get up the courage to try it again. I’ve tried all the ways and have learned how to network in a way that feels really beautiful so come get involved. It’s about time right?


So, what’s this challenge about?

  • Getting brave and getting visible
  • Change the colour of the conversation with yourself first 
  • Self Awareness and Self Acceptance
  • Giving yourself permission 
  • Exploring the idea of networking and finding a way to do it that honours your unique needs


Referrals, Clients and Sales riiiiight?

Sure, but also ALL THIS LOVELY STUFF…..

  • Building Confidence
  • Improved Visibility
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Opportunities to talk about your business (and get better at it)
  • Business Support and growing Knowledge
  • Friendship
  • A place to feel acknowledged
  • Increased Engagement


DAY ONE: Why am I not showing up? (Limiting Beliefs)

TODAY’S CHALLENGE POST: Share one of your limiting beliefs + why it’s not true + #5minutechallenge


The question for today is why am I not showing up at networking?

What are Limiting Beliefs? How do they hold us back?

Some common limiting beliefs around networking;

  • I’m not good at networking
  • I don’t know what to say
  • People won’t like me (too quiet, too loud, too much, not enough)
  • It’ll be really cliquey
  • People don’t want what I have to offer
  • I really struggle to talk about sales
  • I don’t have a ‘proper’ business
  • I have to go sell myself and that feels ick

What are your limiting beliefs around networking?

Day Two: Why am I not getting what I want from networking? (Setting your Intentions)

TODAY’S CHALLENGE POST: Share your new networking goal + what you’re going to do differently to achieve it + #5minutechallenge


The question for today is why am I not getting what I want from networking? Well, what do you think you want from networking? Sometimes we set goals for ourselves that are other people’s goals and the reason we don’t achieve them is because our hearts aren’t in it.

So today’s training is about setting your own beautiful intentions for networking. And we’re talking ‘soul intention’, the stuff that brings us closer to our purpose work!!!


We could reset our goals and desired outcome to our truest intentions and align them with our deeper purpose;

  • To serve
  • To connect and feel seen and acknowledged
  • To build community
  • To collaborate
  • To make friends
  • To learn
  • To gain confidence
  • To practice talking about your business
  • To know yourself
  • To learn about ourselves
  • To help others and become known as someone who is kind, giving and helpful
  • To be more visible so I can get my heart led message out to the world and create positive change in the world

Day Three: Why am I not getting what I need from networking? (Honouring your unique being)

TODAY’S CHALLENGE POST: Share a photo of your brain dump in the goup + a sentence about what you’re looking for in networking to honour your unique needs + #5minutechallenge


Today is all about bringing our awareness to our unique needs as beautiful individual souls. The question for today is why am I not getting what I need from networking? Is it because you are showing up thinking you ‘should’ be a certain way or your networking ‘should’ be a certain way?

You are a beautifully unique individual so today we’re going to go inwards and really bring our awareness to who we are and what we need.

So really think deeply about who you are AND what YOU need in general and then more specifically about what YOU need from your networking sessions.

Braindump yourself!

Your name in the middle! This is allllllll about you!! Then use some or all of the following categories;

  • Personality
  • Hobbies, interests, favourite things
  • Values
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Favourite Stories
  • Uniquely yours (Needs); include quirks, conditions (expand on these – what do you need??), traumas, experiences – anything that has been a part of your experience of the world and has shaped you

Use the above categories or add your own!


Personality Traits:


Day Four: What do I really want to talk about? (Changing the colour of the conversation)

TODAY’S CHALLENGE POST: Share in the group your three new conversations starters focussed on what YOU want to talk about + #5minutechallenge


The question we’re exploring today is what do I actually want to talk about?

  • Stop showing up with the ‘traditional’ conversation (I must talk about and sell my business) if you don’t want to
  • Instead find things that you actually enjoy talking about
  • Tie your conversation to your intentions to keep it all aligned
  • Be interested before being interesting. With the right people it will always come back around and you’ll get an opportunity to share yourself and your vision too.

Day Five: How do I find my people (Finding the right groups for YOU)

TODAY’S CHALLENGE POST: Let us know if you’re coming to the challenge party (or another online session soon) by posting “I’m coming to Affinity networking!” + #5minutechallenge


Just remember, it’s ok to be triggered – let’s talk about it openly in the group and don’t forget to get involved in each others conversations – on desktop, click the #5minutechallenge to see all the posts!

This challenge is about exploring networking, honouring your unique needs;

  • Day 1 – Limiting beliefs – bring your awareness to your internal chatter and remind yourself of the positive story, reassure your little voice
  • Day 2 – Setting intentions – bringing them into alignment with your values and deeper purpose
  • Day 3 – A little self exploration – this brain dump not only helps you understand what you need but will help you with a ton of things you can talk about when you meet new people
  • Day 4 – OMG the conversation starters yesterday were BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

A few examples;

Donna Stewart: Who do you think would benefit the most from your business? I’ll keep it in my memory bank. I may be talking with someone who is looking for you!

Nikki Butler: Hands up if you believe you have the power to achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to? If you follow your vision, what’s the BIG headline news you’ll be making in 3 years time?? I mean literally – you’re watching the news, and something you’ve been working on for 3 years has finally made the impact you dreamed of – WHAT’S THE NEWS HEADLINE?

Lynsey Limb: what does your most aspirational self look like? How can you begin today to bring her to life?


Today’s question is ‘Where do I find my people and why?’

  • Think about who you are
  • Think about your needs
  • Think about your restrictions in terms of time and energy
  • Then find the groups that harmonise with your unique set of needs


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04 – Give yourself permission to do something scary and exciting

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