Changes to Affinity going forward…..

With a powerful emphasis on ‘going forward’ here’s a little update on the changes coming to Affinity…

Most importantly, I want to reassure you that all the changes coming to Affinity are geared towards minimising overwhelm and increasing support and accountability. if you think it’s great now, just wait to see what we have in store! 😍😍😍

We want to create a more engaged community filled with women business owners who are ready and able to invest in their businesses and want to be a part of a positive ripple effect of change in the world. 

Our new focus is creating massive impact in the world by magnifying the effect of your business through the lens of community, because we can achieve more together.


  • These outlined changes are taking place from 1st March
  • Then April will see the Community move to a paid model
  • The networking Schedule is changing to be more regular
  • No more Member-led events or Masterclasses through Affinity for now
  • Replaced with quarterly Business Planning Days to work ‘on your business’ (Guest expert workshops + co-working to get shit done)
  • Plus regular Accountability Co-working Sessions
  • One tier of membership designed to take your vision from dream to reality, in good company! 😍


The Community will be the focus going forward, the networking will be there to facilitate relationship building. Our focus will shift from ‘just getting clients and making sales’ to powerful community building, growing cross referrals, collaboration, sharing resources and knowledge as well as providing accountability to take the massive action needed to help you achieve your BIG GOALS. That stuff you’ve been putting off? We’re totally here for it! 🤗🤗🤗

All this within the same safe, accepting, inspiring space you’re used to!

But Why?

I have had to drastically re-evaluate my business model recently due to a drop off in attendance for all networking, member-led events and masterclasses but it has led to an even better Affinity going forward. I knew it wasn’t because they don’t work because the success we’ve had is phenomenal and there are so many long standing members that I know it definitely fulfils a need.

So, I slipped out my magnifying glass, got my nose to the ground and investigated why. I asked you guys, what do you need?

The feedback from my surveys points the finger firmly at overwhelm as the biggest troublemaker. 

Life is busy and I want Affinity to feel like a breath of fresh air and nothing less, so changes are needed.

I’ve been told there is just too much on offer leading to confusion and decision paralysis.

In an effort to encourage better attendance so you can benefit from our incredible events, networking and training, I’ve had to hone what we offer going forward and believe I’ve come up with a model that will serve you infinitely better. All developed from your feedback.

So What’s Changing?

The biggest changes right now, are to the networking schedule which will become more regular (at the same time every week) and the cancellation of all member-led events and masterclasses for the time being.

Instead of these, I’m offering quarterly business planning days so we can take a day out of our business to ‘work on our businesses’. These dates will be planned months in advance so you can book your time out. They’ll be made up of morning workshops and afternoon co-working to ensure that the action is taken. There’ll be watch party replays (+co-working) for those on EST.

They’ll include topics like; Planning for the year ahead, Content Creation and Scheduling and Marketing Strategy plus other areas of focus.

I’m also adding more accountability via regular co-working sessions focused on keeping you accountable for getting the stuff done that’s needed to elevate your business. All that good stuff that’s been playing ‘second fiddle’ to working on the day today.

If you’d like to know more or have any questions about the upcoming changes just ping over a reply to this email. What you want and need is important to me so I welcome your responses.

How to find the Leaders of the Member-led Events…

You’ll find the leaders of the Member-led Events details here if you’d like to reach out to them to see how you can work together going forward;

Nicole Greenfield-Smith: The Business Confidence Clinic

Rebecca Clark: Content Creation Workshops

Amanda Riley: Meditate, Connect and Share

Emma Hewlett and Amanda Riley: Book Club

Emma Sidney: Va Va Voom your Vision

Ziza Natur: Networking Costume Party

I’m glad you’re sticking around to see how all these great changes are going to shape an even more engaged, supportive, impactful and profitable Affinity for you, going forward.

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