Apply to deliver a Guest Masterclass!

Apply to deliver a Guest Masterclass!

The Affinity women's networking community is over 1K strong and a highly engaged community of supportive women so it's a great place to demonstrate your expertise and connect with your future clients.

If you'd like to give a guest masterclass then please see below to find out more about how it works but in short you'll need to;

Be an engaged member of the community

Complete an application form

Email a professional headshot to

Following confirmation you'll be given a list of dates to choose from

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How does it work?

I would love to, firstly, thank you for your interest in coming into the Community and offering your expertise through a Guest Masterclass. This is a great opportunity to talk about what you do and shine a light on what you offer but it is focused on giving value. You'll alsways have a few mins at the end to invite our guests to work with you and signposting them as to how.


I really want these sessions to have a workshop feel so there is actionable advice/exercises included within so do include activities to participate in and I encourage you to host an active conversation running throughout.


The reason for this is not only because they then get something more tangible, in return for giving their time, but because they are so much more likely to remember the experience and therefore remember you and what you do, if you have helped them take a positive step forward.


The session is hosted via Zoom as this encourages a more engaged group. The session is recorded.


There are a variety of options for delivery;

  • 30 minute presentation where I introduce and hand over to you (15 mins Q&A at the end)
  • 30 minute discussion (interview style) where I ask you questions (15 mins Q&A at the end)
  • 45 Minute interactive presentation or discussion where the particpants are involved throughout

I'm happy to be led by your personal style and preference of delivery but I would LOVE it if you could include and activity and a 5-10 minute breakout room for the attendees to discuss.



The Guest Masterclasses are primarily designed to add value for our community members but also to gain exposure for you, your expertise and your business.

I want for you to get as much out of this as possible and whilst it's not a sales pitch, I will always be sure to ask you at the end to promote any offers, freebies or launches you have coming up so you can shine a light on what you do and get leads!!

TOP TIP: Always ensure that the content of the workshop is the beginning of a natural progression that leads to them signing up to the freebie/offer that you're focusing on right now.



We can time your workshop in line with a launch or new service so if you can't find a date that works on the spread sheet then do just get in touch and we can find a date that will help filter people into your funnel.

Each workshop is 30-40 mins long with time for questions at the end but ideally under one hour all in.



As I said, please choose a subject area that leads them on to the next step of working with you, keep it relevant.

The worshops don't have to be business based (we've had music therapy, meditations and much more) but they do need to be geared towards the needs of women business owners, to keep it relevant and ensure a good turn out.

I'm happy for you to include specific questions (that you'd like me to ask you) that will help steer the conversation so you can show off the best of your expertise.



Your business links will be presented in the event and alongside the videos wherever they are posted (including on my website #yayforbacklinks).


Here are a few tips for ensuring good reach, a great turnout and happy customers;

  1. Share it with your own audiences. You'll be given a registration link so they can just join us in the Zoom room or you can invite them to the facebook group (
  2. Get visible in the Affinity Facebook group so people know who you are and what you offer well ahead of the masterclass. I'd really recommend coming along to networking if you're able to so you can meet some of our lovely ladies face to face 🙂
  3. Engage with them throughout the workshop, asking lots of questions and creating a safe space so they know their thoughts, ideas and questions are all welcome.
  4. Give them something acionable to do or take away and do so they feel that they've taken a step forward

How will the recording be used?

  • It will be posted on my membership site (a login is required)
  • It may be uploaded to my YouTube channel in due course to form part of a series
  • In short, it will be available within the public domain and by agreeing to come and deliver your content, you are agreeing to these uses.
  • Upon request, it can also be sent to you to use within your business for promotional purposes


Ready to go ahead?

If you'd like to go ahead please follow the link to submit and complete the form. Then you'll hear if you've been successful or not from Kate Browning, my Super VA. If you've been successful you'll be given a booking link to choose your time slot.

We are looking for the following topics to be covered; business processes, design, visibility, business strategy, spirituality, meditation and guidance, productivity, mindfulness, ethics, marketing, sales, mindset, personal growth etc.

It doesn't have to be specificially related to women in business but it makes sense if your topic is relevant to our group demographic.





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