21 Days of Yoga and Meditation with Elizabeth Large

“To grow and create a life you love requires that you take yourself to new levels by raising the vibration of your mind, your heart and your soul.”

— Elizabeth Large

Elizabeth has been gifting her time to us each morning this month and gently walking us through 20-30 mins of yoga, breathwoork, meditation and mindfulness to help us feel more connected with ourselves and to the universal energy that flows through all things.

You’ll find each of the replays here but will need to be a member of the group to view them so if you find you can’t see them then just pop in a join request and we’ll see you inside, ready with a warm welcome.

Watch 4th Feb

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Let’s hear from Elizabeth

At 56 I’m still an aspirant, eternal wanderer and freedom and knowledge seeker.

Proud mother to 3 daughters and proud Boat Nanna to 5 granddaughters.

Boat Nanna because I sailed around the world so my granddaughter Lucia gave me that name.

Circumnavigating was an amazing experience but hard to be away from family.

As a family at the time we decided the example of me going for my dreams outweighed the time apart and giving up all security.

I now live in Greece close to one of my daughters and 3 grandchildren.

A Bodyworker (similar to physio/osteopath) yoga & meditation teacher, embodiment, breathwork & Wellness Coach.

I share my knowledge, my experiences of ongoing transformation and challenges in the hope of inspiring your transformation to prioritise self care, self compassion, true rest and self love.

Yoga & Breath-Work Teacher

The main focus through yoga and movement is helping you to enjoy your body and all the ways you can support yourself with breath and movement like how to regulate your nervous system, embodiment and mindfulness, no extreme poses or competitiveness. Increase your awareness, self love and self care. I teach traditional Hatha yoga and also Kundalini Yoga. Breath-work, pranayama, mindful movement, somatics, nervous system regulation, different types of meditation and deep relaxation.

Wellness Coach

Beheld Wellness Coaching draws upon many years of experience, training and practicing within the holistic health field. This experience includes clinical consultation of the whole person – health – emotions – beliefs – posture – breathing – diet – spiritual self – and creating a therapeutic alliance. Deeply listening and reflecting back to the client and then creating a client led solution. Within Beheld Wellness Coaching there is also a focus upon spirituality (non religious) and exploring what that could look like for you personally as part of your wellness journey by defining what spirituality means to you and how to feel a sense of peace and purpose in your life by gaining a deeper knowledge of yourself.


WEBSITE: https://www.beheldbodywork.co.uk/

EMAIL: beheldbodywork@gmail.com

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