Film, edit and publish a Reel with me in less than 5 minutes with Ems Rae Searle

The fabulous Ethical Marketing Genius Ems Rae Searle, shared this in the group this week and I had to immortalise it forever here because, let’s face it, finding stuff again on Facebook is a bloody ball ache!!

So let’s hear directly from the marketing wizard herself;

“I’ve spoken to a lot of you about Reels the last few weeks, and most of the time I’m met with ‘but the editor seems so complicated’ or ‘but Ems, I don’t want to dance around like a flaming weirdo’ – So, I figured I could fix both of those problems for you in the form of a short (poorly edited, I haaaaate editing) video.

You don’t have to stick to the dance trends, just say something important and whack some moderately cheesy music in the background and some captions – and bob’s your uncle! You’ve got a Reel – Used well, they can have a huge impact on your visibility metrics!

Please go give lil’ old me a wee follow on Insta, I’ll pop the link below – and if you need a hand with Reels and you’d like more bespoke advice, I’ll also whack the link to book in a chat with me below 😊💛

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