Women's Empowerment Shoot

Ready to Feel Empowered?

Then this shoot is for you...

Boudoir Photographer and Confidence Coach Ginny Marsh and myself have teamed up to put on a wonderful event to help you feel good in your skin, to embrace all that you are and to courageously shine your light.

Self acceptance is vital when it comes to living a happy, fulfilled life. We've both experienced trauma and we know the power it has over us to keep us living small but we don't want that for us and we don't want that for you.

So come join us on this incredible day of empowerment, it is International Women's Day after all!

1130 (4)

What's the cost?

There is no cost for our time, we are both so happy to be able to do this for you. All we ask is a little something to help us cover the cost of the venue and refreshments. We estimate £15-20 (lunch is NOT included in this cost).


What's involved?

We'd love to invite you to a day of confidence building, self affirming mini photo sessions, lush food and even a bit of tree hugging! Nudity is not required but your are encouraged to be as brave as you feel good about being.

Have a peek below at what to expect and the complete the survey to pop in your application. We are limited to only 8 places and are looking for stories of adversity and trauma that have created challenges in building a happy, fulfilled life but we really want to know about how you're overcoming them.

Please know that ALL experiences are valid and to apply even if you don’t think yours would be as important as someone else’s… we just want to inspire and empower others like you in your situation.

1130 (4)

What to Expect

Confidence Coaching Session

Ginny will lead an ice breaker and  workshop to help us get to know each other and to uncover some of our self limiting beliefs so we can choose the affirmations that most power us up for the shoot. 

Two Mini Photo Sessions

One sessions outdoors (weather permitting) using natural light in the forest and one indoors with studio lighting where we will write love notes to our bodies, affirmations or statements that help us release.

Your Outcomes

Ginny and I would love to use the images to help raise awareness of some of the limiting beliefs we all foster so they will be shared on our social channels to help others. You'll receive all your images in low res to use as you like.

Plan for the Day

1130 (6)

First Set of Photos: Examples


Second Set of Photos: Examples


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