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Business Confidence

Nicole Greenfield-Smith


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The Confidence Craft



Nicole is passionate about empowering women in business with the inner and outer confidence to believe, achieve and exceed their wildest expectations. She created the Confidence Craft so that female founders could confidently break through to the next level in business without fearing, faking or comparing. Nicole does this through her powerful ‘Inside-Out’ approach which blends her unique skillsets. She’s a qualified and an accredited NLP, IEMT practitioner and a trauma-informed coach, a human communication and behavioural psychology specialist (she has a Masters degree in this stuff). She also racked up two decades working advertising and has travelling the world as a keynote speaker, presenter, panellist and host. When she’s not working, Nicole is mum to two fabulous small people and loves nothing more than baking, travelling and getting her adrenaline fix. (Wing walk anyone?!)





Faye Brown


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Faye Brown Designs



Faye is a branding designing specialist / nerd / passionpreneur who loves working with creative change-makers who are ready to make an impact with their product or services. She’s been working in the design industry for over 20 years, after a graphic design degree course in sunny Bournemouth. She started her career in the bright lights of Soho working in motion graphics; designing title sequences, commercials and in-programme graphics for clients such as BBC, ITV and The Discovery Channel. She also teaches various classes on the Skillshare platform. As a Skillshare Top Teacher, 80,000 students have taken my classes on subjects such as typography, creativity, colour and of course, branding. She started her own company is 2010 and specialises in all things branding. She loves sharing her design geekiness with the world so please pop me a follow. Her other loves include playing the piano, adventures and helping to coach her son’s footy team.

Business Growth

Lorraine Davies


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Lorraine Davies is a certified and accredited coach and business growth mentor, best-selling author and motivational speaker based in Hampshire, UK. She helps female entrepreneurs overcome their limits so they can create a life of purpose, abundance and joy. Lorraine has been successfully coaching and mentoring business owners since 2012. After growing a business and ranking within the top 3% of leaders in a network marketing company she decided to pivot and follow her calling to launch her coaching brand, Flourish. As a coach, Lorraine is an expert at helping female entrepreneurs recognise and realize their potential by tapping into their intuition, aligning their energy and taking inspired action.





Heather Hulbert


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Heather Hulbert Designs




Spiritual Guide

Jen Thomas


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Revitalise Coaching



Jen Thomas, Intuitive Coach & Healer, is a leader & advocate of working with emotions in business and was invited to give her TEDx talk, Putting Emotion Back in Business, inspiring others to lead with love, kindness and compassion. Jen helps her clients to clear blocks and stuck energies holding them back in life & business. She is a spiritual mentor helping you to strengthen your connection with the universe and understand who you truly are. When you work with her, you feel empowered, confident and hold a strong sense of inner peace. Jen’s soul mission is to support you on your spiritual journey, whatever that looks like for you.




Brand Photo & Video

Lauren D Hughes


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LaHu Brand Visibility



Lauren is the founder and leader of Affinity but her roots lie in Brand Photography & Video as well as Visibility Strategy and she loves nothing more than a good chat about core brand values, ideal client profiling and BIG VISION thinking! So if you need help in any of these areas then she is your girl! She also loves backppacking, hiking, festivals, dancing like no-ones watching (even when then are because why the hell not? We only live once, people!), adventures of all varieties and will talk about anything from the silly to the profound.

Finance Wizard

Kim Uzzell


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My Money Movement



Kim Uzzell is a Chartered Wealth Manager and financial coach who believes that everyone should have the opportunity to make more of their relationship with money. Kim is particularly focused on bridging the gender wealth and investment gaps by opening up the money conversation and providing education and financial understanding in a way that makes sense, and doesn't cause overwhelm!




Body, Mind & Wellness

Nathalie May


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May Body & Mind Coach



Nathalie is a passionate Body and Mind Coach with more than 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. She has a deep desire to help women entrepreneurs to look after their physical and mental health. She can help you to feel energised and motivated by giving you the support and guidance you need to easily incorporate healthier habits, more physical activity, and simple relaxation techniques into your life. Trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), she can also help you identify and reframe negative thinking patterns that can help you become more positive and resilient in the face of life's challenges. She's also affectionately nicknamed 'the hydration police' so go get your water!

Ethical Marketing

Ems Rae Searle


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Ems Rae Searle - Ethical Marketing



Rebecca loves helping bold, brave and boundary breaking women in business to write content that is raw, real and results-driven by holding a space for them to focus, grow in confidence and upskill.





Gemma Storey


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Infinity Creative



Gemma Storey is a Brand Alchemist from the realm of Infinity Creative, and she’s on her North Star mission to transform businesses around the globe, with star-powered brands. Gemma combines her craft of graphic design with the alchemy of astrology to conjure up the ultimate branding love potions for her clients. Gemma is also a huge Canva enthusiast and is the Head Witch of her Canva Coven, where she finds joy in teaching solopreneurs the magic of how Canva can help grow and elevate their businesses. Canva is the fastest growing online tool, where the possibilities to create anything is limitless! When Gemma is not working her creative magic or raving about the latest Canva update, she can be found chilling with her black cat and business mascot, Salem, watching the latest true crime documentary on Netflix together.

Content Creation

Rebecca Clark


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Powered Up Content



Rebecca loves helping bold, brave and boundary breaking women in business to write content that is raw, real and results-driven by holding a space for them to focus, grow in confidence and upskill.