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Affinity is an inclusive, international community for soulful female entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to connect with others so we can magnify the impact of our business through the lens of community.

Are you ready and able to invest in yourself and others to take massive action, grow your business and create lasting impact with the support of your community?

If you tick these boxes then come along and try out the networking;

Female Business Owner (no MLMs)

Ethical, conscious and purpose led 

Intelligent, open minded and ready for growth

Value Compassion, Collaboration and Self-Trust

Driven to make a difference in the world

Ready to take your vision from dream to reality


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If you have any questions, ping them over to I cannot wait to see you at your upcoming sessions! We can achieve so much more, together.


What you can expect from our sessions;

  • 1 hour session, 1:1 breakout rooms, no elevator pitches
  • Great quality conversation (conversation starters provided)
  • Accountability
  • Inspiration and ideas for your business
  • Growing confidence through clarity
  • Uplifting, motivating energy
  • Shared business knowledge and personal growth



How this Community Powers up your Business


In Affinity, we don't just focus on the day to day stuff, we keep you accountable for taking the massive scary action needed for achieving your BIG goals

Accessible Training

Quarterly Business Development Training so you can take a day out to work 'on your business' to keep the momentum of growth going


You're not alone in taking the action because we are your biggest cheerleaders ensuring you feel held and supported every step of the way

Cross Referrals

The trust that is built up in our community is perfect for encouraging cross referrals so it's great if you want to gain clients from trusted sources

Shared Knowledge

Need an answer to a tech question? Help with social media marketing? Lean on the hivemind, teach, learn and grow together. If the group can't help, our expert panel can!

A Business Club

A place to belong, surrounded by your equal peers who share the same values and vision for creating a positive ripple effect of change


I can't wait to see you at networking, where you'll meet your future community, cheerleading squad, sales team and soul family!