Available Guest Speakers

Andreea Sandu

FAVE TOPICS: Productivity, changing habits, confidence, thriving as an introvert, achieving big goals, writing a book


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts focusing on female entrepreneurs, high achievers.


EMAIL: hello@andreeasandu.com

WEBSITES: https://andreeasandu.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/by_andreeasandu/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theandreeasandu/

Maria Jordan

FAVE TOPICS: People- pleasing, Core Value, Boundaries - Women Remembering ALL of who they were before they were told who they needed to be so they can Reclaim themselves and their gifts/purpose.


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts focusing on a female audience who are spiritually open/inclined and interested in personal development/growth.


EMAIL: maria@thewisewomancoach.co.uk

WEBSITE: www.thewisewomancoach.co.uk

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheWiseWomanCoach

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/the-wise-woman-coach/

Kelly Heard

I help people to ignite, connect, embrace and embody their dreams and desires. I do this through tools and techniques that I have learnt and used over the last 5 years, obsessing over the subject and completely geeking out. I use real examples from my own experiences and experiences from my clients that help the mind to gather evidence in trusting the process. I also talk about how one size does not fit all with manifesting so I bring a lot of reassurance in my talks that help to encourage people to find their manifesting style.


FAVE TOPICS: Manifesting. Creating your dream life


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts that give inspirational and motivational content and advice to business owners. Podcasts that give simple, practical and useful insights into the world of spirituality. Podcasts that offer personal growth advice and life coaching. That offer actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, contribution and fulfilment. Podcasts that empower people to take action in their lives.


EMAIL: kelly@kellyheard.co.uk

WEBSITES: kellyheard.co.uk

INSTAGRAM: @iamkellyheard

Sarah Sullivan

FAVE TOPICS: Style confidence as we get older, wardrobe declutter tips, shopping tips.


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts focusing on menopause delaying with changes loss of confidence podcasts around life stage changes retirement etc wellbeing podcasts


EMAIL: stylesolutionsbysarah@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.stylesolutionsbysarah.co.uk

Annemarie Strehl

FAVE TOPICS: Authentic Self, creativity


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts focusing on women entrepreneurs, creative businesses, photography, video, self empowerment, self care


EMAIL: hi@annemariestrehl.com

WEBSITES: www.annemariestrehl.com

Kristina Norström

FAVE TOPICS: Finding Freedom in life by the finding freedom technique. Changing your life by re-programing your subconscious and heal from ANYTHING. My healing journey from Burn out with Ayurveda, Human Design, The Finding Freedom Technique and other things. My program that teaches you how to do this work on yourself and gives YOU the power the heal and deal with everything that is holding you back.


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts focusing people that are looking to be free from whatever is making the be NOT free. People that are looking for physical or emotional healing, people that are struggling with anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome, fobias, burn out and people that are interested in personal development and want to take it a step further.


EMAIL: stina.norstrom@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/739994247424656

INSTAGRAM: @iamfindingmyfreedom

Ros Thompson

FAVE TOPICS: Remedies in todays world


Looking to collaborate with...

...podcasts focusing on health, alternative remedies, mental health and treatment


EMAIL: ros2413@googlemail.com

WEBSITES: www.remediesbyros.com

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