How to Write GREAT Reviews for other Women in Business

In this post I’d love to share with you a few ways that we can support our fellow wild women business owners to raise their vibration and attract just the write people and realise their own visions by the simple means of writing them GREAT reviews!

I’ve included a quick overview of what to include and each of these things will help the reader, who has yet to commit to doing the work with this incredible woman, to make the decision that they are the right person to help them take the next steps towards becoming their fullest, truest, most beautiful selves. So in writing these reviews, we’re not only supporting our sisters in business, we’re also becoming a part of that beautiful ripple effect of change in the world!


What’s the first thing you do when you’re thinking about spending money on a product or service these days? If you’re anything like me, you’ll check out the reviews before making a commitment.

Because you want to feel sure that you’ll receive the outcomes and the experience you desire. Reviews help build trust, they allow us reassurance that our money will be well invested and that we’ll be able to move forward from the stuck place we currently inhabit.

As business owners we know the value of reviews and maaaaaan does it feel good when we receive a glowing testimonial right?? That moment when your inbox pings saying you’ve received a five star review on Google or a LinkedIn recommendation full of praise. It fills us up, lifts our spirit, expands our confidence and allows us to show up with even more enthusiasm because we are reminded once again that we’re on exactly the right track. What a beautiful gift to give!

So, we know how vital they are for helping our sisters to receive affirmation of work beautifully done, to raise them up and contribute to their success and to invite more clients into their lives – so why aren’t we writing these reviews? Why aren’t we supporting each other and raising the global vibration by raising the vibration of our sisters in business?

I am painfully aware that ‘time’ is always the issue.


But I’m gonna call bullshit on ‘Time’ as being the ever present arch nemesis of growing a successful business because I know for a fact that there are women in my circle who work three days a week for just 4 hours a day and they have extremely successful businesses. If it is possible for them, it is possible for us all. I myself have dropped my work days down to four a week and feel less stressed than I did before I closed the big Facebook Community. Incidentally, I also have much better income now than I did before.

This is leading me off onto a tangent and is perhaps a blog post for another day but the crux of it is; we make time for what we think is important. But are we deeming the right activities as ‘important’? Are we spending our precious time on the right things?


As a natural networker I know that building relationships is, for me, the best way to grow a business (there are others of course, but they are not aligned with my values, my approach or my being)

So let’s see leaving reviews as a huge part of our relationship building.

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will always remember how you made them feel.

— Maya Angelou

Writing a great review for other women in business is a sure fire way to make them feel great and they will remember that, you will earn a little place in their hearts and they will remember you. Giving of your time and your energy and pouring it into a great review will help them to feel seen and it will help you to be seen. Seen as a champion and as an advocate for the work they do. I mean that feels pretty great to me!?

So take some time today to go write a few great reviews on google, recommendations on LI and support those women in your circle in any small way you can with a few choice words.


Here’s a few tips on how to give GREAT reviews;

  • Share where you were at (what problem did you have) before working with her and how that had shifted afterwards
  • Include some of the fears/objections/reservation you had before you worked together and how you felt about those worries afterwards
  • What tangible (and intangible – emotions/mindset) outcomes did you receive from working with her?
  • How did it ‘fee’ to work with her?
  • Would you recommend her to your friends and peers?
  • Think about what YOU would have needed to hear before working with her

I hope you will take this invitation to raise the global vibration but lifting up the women in your life that have helped you reach the place you currently are and here’s to all the others who will help us get to the next levels…

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