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Affinity is an inclusive community for purpose led female entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to connect with others so we can magnify the impact of our business through the lens of community. We have a shared vision to raise the global consciousness one conversation at a time.


Are you ready and able to invest in yourself and others to take massive action, grow your business and create lasting impact with the support of a beautiful, heart led community?


We have lush networking brunches and netwalking events where we get connected with each other and with nature. All new faces are so welcome, this is a welcoming, open community not a club that's hard to find your place in!


If you tick these boxes then come along and try out the networking;

Female Business Owner (no MLMs)

Ethical, Conscious and Purpose Driven 

Value Collaboration, Self-Trust and Personal Growth

Driven to make a difference in the world

Ready to take your vision from dream to reality



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We can't wait to see you at networking, where you'll meet your future community, cheerleading squad, sales team and soul family!