Focus on your Business Growth: July Prompts

Your monthly prompts for business growth are here to inspire you to think outside the box and to invite you to challenge your own thinking and behaviours around business growth so you can put into place a strategy that actually works. This months focus is on Social Media.

Spend some time exploring each of these prompts to dig deeper into what’s working and what’s not so you can hone a strategy that more effectively grows your business.

Business Growth Strategy Prompts: Social Media

01 – What does visibility mean to you? Excitement, business growth, exposure, threat?

02 – Do you feel any resistance when showing up on social media? Is it specific to certain places? And why?

03 – List 3 specific goals you are aiming to achieve through your social media presence

04 – Do you feel you have a consistent message and voice when showing up on social media?

05 – What’s your social media love language? Short form copy, blogs, infographics, reels, lives etc. and what might help you convey your message more effectively?

06 – How do you differentiate your brand from others with similar offerings through your social media content?

07 – How can you encourage your audience to share their own content to encourage engagement and connection, building community around your brand?

08 – How do you bring storytelling into your social media content?

09 – How can you personalise your social media content to make it more relatable and engaging for your audience?

10 – What are some creative ways to repurpose your existing content across different social media channels?

11 – Are there any social media features that you haven’t explored yet but could be beneficial for your business?

12 – Do you continuously look to optimise your social media strategy based on the feedback you receive?

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