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Biz on the Brain with Annemarie Strehl

Wanna (re-) align your life and business?

If you're an entrepreneur on a journey to step into your fullest, most authentic self, reach your ideal clients and live your life and business in the flow, welcome to the podcast!

The goal is to give you inspirational insights through on-the-cuff conversations all centred around the topic of intuition, authenticity and playfulness in all aspects of your journey.


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The Ambitious Empath Show with Bao MC Yang

Welcome to the Ambitious Empath Show! I created this podcast as a safe place to talk about all the ups and downs of being an empath and an ambitious one in this world. Entrepreneurship is already tough, so we don't need to go through it alone.

Join me as I share my insights, tips, and interview fellow ambitious empaths in navigating their sensitive gifts and use it as an advantage in life and business.If you're looking for a beautiful community of ambitious empaths and vibrant sensitives, this podcast is for you.


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Looking for guests for YOUR podcast?

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Affinity is filled with inspiring, insightful women all ready and willing to have deep and open conversations so if you're looking for a guest for your podcast that head here to find out more...