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I'm so glad you're here because it means you want to clear on your messaging & talk about your business online in a way that deeply resonates with your soulmate client!

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Today's question to answer in the group

'What is the change I want to create in the world and why?'


Today is an invitation to look at what you are currently offering in your business, to explore the reasons why based on your own life's journey and to deeply connect with your own personal sense of purpose (the contribution you wish to make that serves something bigger than yourself).


  • What drives me / fills my cup?
  • What are my Core Values?
  • What experiences brought me here?
  • What contribution do I want to make?
'What is the change I want to create in the world and why?'
Consider the prompts and create a post for the group, sharing the change you want to create in the world through your business and why it's so important to you (get deep!).
Fill it with all the emotion and passion that inspired you to create said change in the first place; outrage, disappointment, feeling invisible - really tap into your story and your truth.
If you want to take this further, at your own pace. I'd recommend this activity as you'll make connections you may not have made previously and it will bring added depth to your story and therefore your message.
Create these 3 columns;
  1. Your values. Everything you stand for, what's most important to you and things you absolutely will NOT stand for.
  2. The change you want to create. Big or small, direct (you to client) or indirect (further reaching beyond your client), jot it down here.
  3. Your life experiences. All that's contributed to you starting this business and committing to this purpose, big or small, good or bad.
  4. Start to make connections and pull out key parts of your story, specific phrases that stand out, keywords that connect you with your audience etc.
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Today's question to answer in the group

'Who am I ready to call in?'


We're not getting hung up on demographics like age and education. Today is all about really getting to know the person you want to serve and understanding where they're at in their journey when they need you so we can feel into what they need to hear from us right now to know that we are the person they need.


Use as many as you like and I invite you to consider your own answers to some of these questions and match them with your soulmate clients;

  • What 3 things are most important to my SMC (Values)?
  • What top 3 personality traits must they have for me to want to work with them?
  • What are they missing in their lives that I am excited to provide?
  • Why do I want to work with this person specifically?

Bonus Prompts

  • How would I describe the energy of my soulmate client?
  • What would we talk about over coffee?
  • What things does my soulmate client believe about themselves?
  • Are these things real or are they stories?



Describe your soulmate client and give as much detail as feels relevant and useful for giving you deep clarity on who you are ready to work with. Begin with 'I am calling in…'

Then write a short paragraph on the people you no longer want to work with. ‘I am lovingly ready to let go of…’ (and, here's the kicker -  then actually let go of them).

Let's begin to really know, in our hearts, minds and bodies who it is we REALLY want to work with so we can call them in with intention and magnetism!


Interview a real-life human soulmate client

If you'd like to dive deeper into understanding your ideal client I'd recommend going straight to the source and identifying some real life humans who closely fit the bill and asking for some of their time to interview them. You may offer something in return to thank them for their time if that feels good.

Really get to know them, remove any preconceptions and take time to see the world from their perspective so you can get a deeper feel for how their problem affects them and how aware of it they actually are.

Use my Soulmate Client Profiling tool

Either when interviewing your SMC or complete it with your own thoughts and ideas - just be mindful that you can only ‘imagine’ so much - market research is always going to provide better insight. Notice as you complete it that many of the traits may also describe you 😉

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Today's question to answer in the group

'What is the #1 problem I solve for my soulmate client and how is that different to the problem THEY are aware of?'


Most of us solve a number of problems for our clients but today we're focusing in on the #1 and then we're delving into the symptoms it causes for our soulmate client


Step into the mind of your soulmate client and see the world, and their problem, from their perspective. 

To gain insight you can arrange ‘story mining’ interviews with potential SMCs or you can recall conversations with previous or current clients. Take note of the common phrases they use both internally and externally, when speaking to others. 

Here are today's prompts to help gain clarity;

  • What does my soulmate client wake up at 5am worrying about?
  • How would they describe their problem? What keywords and phrases do they use themselves? (Symptoms)
  • What is the #problem I solve for my SMC? (Root Cause)
  • How would I express what I do to my SMC to meet them where they're at?



In a single sentence, share the #1 problem that you solve for your soulmate client and then describe it from their perspective.

NB. Be aware that they may think they have a different problem to the one you solve because they may only see the symptoms of that problem. But it's a key part of your messaging to meet them where they're at and educate them / bring their awareness to the deeper problem.


If you want to take this further here are additional prompts to better understand how to speak to your SMC;

To demonstrate empathy and understanding;

  • What do I notice my clients/potential clients often saying to me?
  • What emotions arise for them around their problem?
  • How does their problem make them feel about themselves?
  • What is it preventing them from doing/achieving?

And a few objections based prompts you could also explore;

  • What's stopping them from taking action to change it/overcome the problem?
  • What fears do they have around the solution?
  • What are my frequently asked questions?
  • What promises can I make to remove these barriers to commitment?
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Today's question to answer in the group

'What makes me the perfect fit for my soulmate client?'


The way that you work, the energy you bring your unique blend of personality, life experiences, skills, knowledge and so much more - makes you uniquely suited to help your soulmate client to overcome their problem so today we're celebrating all you are and getting clear on how you can differentiate yourself to stand out from the crowd.


  • What special personal qualities do I bring to the table that my SMC needs?
  • What life experiences have I had that make me uniquely suited to help my SMC?
  • What is it about the way that I do things that makes my service perfect for my SMC?



Tell us in the group what it is about you that makes you the perfect fit for your ideal client. This has got nothing to do with being objectively perfect and everything to do with the relationship dynamic. You are perfectly suited to help your SMC with their specific problem because of who you are and because of who they are.


If you want to further, more deeply understand your SMC and generate lots of great new social media content prompts, create a spreadsheet with the following column titles; Symptoms, Problems, Desired Outcomes, My Solutions, Benefits of the outcomes, Benefits of the Benefits, Objections, Promises.

If you dive deep into this, you'll discover a TON of great content!!

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Today's question to answer in the group

'What does my soulmate client need to hear from me to respond with a full body YES!?'


Today is a review of this week, of all you've explored and revealed. I'd love for you to acknowledge your discoveries this week and bring it all together in a single piece of writing. It will be your mission statement and when your ideal client reads it, they will respond immediately with a full body YES! because your ideal client is so drawn to you because of all that you already are, not because of who you can be for them!


If you'd like a few prompts to give you clarity here, please use these;

  • What is the change I want to create in the world?
  • Who is the person I want to work with the create this change?
  • Why is this change important?
  • How will I create this change?



Share your imperfect mission statement in the group. You can use the following as a guide;

  • Keep it under 200 words
  • Break into 4 paragraphs (each roughly 50 words - be flexible with yourself - this is just a guide)
  • Paragraph 1: What you do
  • Paragraph 2: Who you do it for
  • Paragraph 3: Why you do it
  • Paragraph 4: How you do it


Either work with a professional sales copywriter or branding expert to decant your mission statement down into a POWERFUL new tagline for your busines sthat summaries your mission.

And if you would like to build on this work then I would love to invite you to come join Affinity before 23rd June to receive access to my 12 Days of Brand Development mini course (value £295) and if you're one of the first ten to join us you'll also receive 26% off all future membership payments!