Affinity empowers purpose-led female founders to step further into their truest, most authentic selves, so they can connect more deeply with their personal power and embody their fullest potential.
We are wild women entrepreneurs full of love and heart, who have decided that we’re no longer living small, we've chosen to live a conscious and deeply aligned life. We’re unafraid of doing the hard work, we’ve faced our demons and now we shine the light for others. We’ve committed to our purpose. We've embraced our bold, beautiful, badass destiny and are now ready to action it! 
We know that to create massive change in the world, we must first create change within. We're already on the journey and now we help others to do the same. We deeply understand the imperative nature of the work we do. The world is suffering at our hands and we have the power to change it, therefore it is our responsibility, our obligation and our honour to inspire, educate and facilitate transformation for those ready to receive it. 
Through the power of heart-centred community we raise each other up to magnify the impact of each individual, knowing that this is the only way we can create such massive change as is needed.