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One of our beautiful members, Ems Rae Searle is a phenomenal Ethical Marketing Strategist and you can thank her for this because I finally found a way to give away freebies that feels wholesome!

Rather than getting your email address BEFORE handing over the goods, I would like you to just have them and then you can sign up to the mailing list if it feels good to you.

Holy cow, WAIT A SECOND!! An actual freebie with no strings attached? How great does that feel?

Affinity women's networking is evolving all the time in the most beautiful ways. It's a safe space where you can come and be your actual self, swearing is allowed, vulnerability is welcomed and praised and support and nurturing love is offered in return.

Just hang out in the Facebook group for 10 minutes and you'll see what I mean.

We're the outsiders who found each other and WO-MAN do we do community well!


Heart-led Workshop


Thanks so much for your interest in Networking and in Affinity's unique way of networking specifically, It's a totally different experience and I can't wait to show you how you can approach any networking in a way that actually feels good to you (yes it is possible, I promise!).

Run through the workshop, make lots of notes. Download the bonus freebies and then give your new approach a whirl.

We'd love it if you'd practice it with us at Affinity where it's just £10 for the first month (that's 10 sessions!) and you get access to the Toolkit where all of out Guest Masterclasses EVER are available.

10 Great Conversation Starters (for actual humans)

Networking Checklist (for genuine connection)


What our members say...

"Thank you Lauren D Hughes for creating such a fantastic community, never seen anything quite like it!"

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