Starting a business is, essentially, a fast track in trauma release but no-one tells you that in the beginning. We all need a brave space to explore our blocks, share our stories and reveal our truest, most powerful selves.

Lauren is the leader of Affinity Women's Business Community, a sisterhood for curious female entrepreneurs and conscious, purpose led leaders who are on their spiritual journey to become all that they are, to take their business to the next level. She works with a full heart and good dollop of passion to magnify the impact of the individual through the lens of community. She believes we can create a better, kinder, more connected world by beginning within. It starts with removing judgement, reconnecting with self and exploring our inner world with compassion and curiosity. Lauren works specifically with those who want to be a part of a ripple effect of positive change.



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OPTION ONE: How to Network like and Actual Human: for Empathetic Women in Business

In this workshop you'll discover that networking doesn't have to feel icky. It can feel like a really safe space where self exploration and expression are possible, where you can feel supported, where you can learn and grow your business, find clients and make sales but in a way that actually feels really great to you.

I'll teach you a different approach that's altogether more human and is jam packed with good feelings. We'll uncover the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from showing up at networking and set you up to feel more confident in showing up for yourself and your business. It's about building community and making genuine friendhsip without the agenda of making sales. What happens naturally is that those who come into your circle love and value you so they become your cheerleaders and your sales team so the referrals come with all the good feels!




OPTION TWO: How to Network in a way that doesn’t make you want to chew your own arm off and go hide in a bin!


Building a Community will be the BEST thing you ever did for your business, and yourself and in this workshop I’ll briefly cover the why and we’ll really get into the how of it!


None of us, not one, can build a successful business in Isolation. Isolation is the Dream Killer. Community is the real desired outcome of networking by the way - not sales - I know stop the presses!!! Trust me, the sales come later but they should never be the goal!


It’s great to have people to talk to about your business woes, it’s lovely to feel supported but the real power of community is something deeper and so much more expansive. It’s the success that comes from leaning on others, giving of yourself and your time/energy/love/knowledge, learning from and teaching others. The beautiful reciprocity of it and the endless resources that come from building and nurturing these relationships.


You may struggle to get something done in isolation, but when you ask a room full of people suddenly there are 10x the resources available to you. This person knows a guy she really trusts who can get that done for you tomorrow. That person has experience with this particular problem and has the answer at her fingertips. The lady in the corner who you gave a shout out to last week feels great when she can do something in return for you! Give her that gift. Help and let yourself be helped by others.


The human race is so successful because of community; the sharing of ideas and resources enables us to take leaps forward in less time! If it has done this for the human race, imagine what it can do for your business!


So now you know the why behind Networking and Community Building we’ll get into the how. 


I’m going to sum it up for you; it really is a case of just getting on and doing it but in a way that actually feels good and makes you want to show up. I realise it is never that simple so in this workshop we’ll do a couple of quick activities that will help you dissolve some limiting beliefs, realise what it is that YOU need from networking and enable you to find the right space for you!



01 - Overcome your limiting beliefs about networking

02 - Learn to show up as your unapologetic self by understanding your needs as a unique individual

03 - Find out how you can change the colour of the conversation so it's not sales lead but service based

04 - Discover how you can find your tribe and feel good about showing up at your sessions

05 - Get my top tips for succeeding at networking in a way that feels great to you