What's on Day Three

On day three we start putting those powerful foundations we built on days one and two to good use because the external stuff; Visibility, Sales and Marketing can feel the scariest but with a now deeper sense of self and powered up purpose we are able to speak our truth out into the world, knowing that by 'showing up' is how we create change.

NB. We endeavour to deliver the program as outlined, however, speakers and workshop topics may be subject to change at short notice where circumstances are beyond our control.


Joint Session with Joy Schulz and Claire Baker


Joint Session with Joy Schulz and Claire Baker

Thursday 26th January @8.30am

Each morning we'll prepare for the day ahead with a carefully selected meditation to allow us to calm our minds and tap into the power within. This will be followed by a guided journaling session with the phenomenal Claire Baker who'll be holding our hands throughout the Summit to ensure we stay on track and gain deep clarity.


Power up your Confidence with this moving Meditation with Joy Schulz (20mins)

Workshop Overview

This movement based meditation will get you feeling liberated and confident to take on today's workshops focused around the, often, hardest part in busienss: Getting Visible!

The definition of Confidence is a belief in oneself. The conviction that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed and the willingness to act accordingly.

You are an infinitely powerful creator having a human experience. That means that sometimes we need to drop into our body in order to tap into our ever deepening well of wisdom and confidence that is located in our body. No matter what our minds try to tell us, our body always knows what's up.

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • In this Confidence Power Up, we will be moving our bodies (the amount is up to you - on camera or off - this summit is about permission after all.
  • We'll recenter our energy, quiet the monkey brain that's spinning out worst case scenarios like it was cotton candy, and shift our metaphorical lenses back into place so we feel confident from crown to root!
  • Your confidence is magnetic so let’s Power It Up!


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BUSINESS NAME: Radical Joyfulness Mentoring

WEBSITE: http://radicaljoyfulness.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/radicaljoyfulness/

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/radicaljoyfulness

YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/3ocdVEI

EMAIL: joy@radicaljoyfulness.com

Book a Free Coffee Chat: https://tidycal.com/radicaljoyfulness/coffee

Joy Schulz is a Human Design Mentor and Life Coach from smack dab in the Midwest USA. When she’s not guzzling coffee and studying, she’s mentoring badass women who have been buried alive in their lives to decondition from all the “shoulds” and come home to truly are at their authentic core. Working together with her clients, Joy supports them as they gain the awareness and tools to make the radical, holistic changes that will unearth their inner joy and help them create their dream life. Having grown up and been heavily programmed into the cult of fundamental christianity, Joy has spent the last 10+ years exploring the path of dismantling the binaries for herself and creating her dream life! As such, her life looks and feels nothing like the small, fearful one everyone told her she “should” live. Now she’s on a mission to help everyone else create their dream life and feel the insane levels of joy and peace it can bring. When she’s not guiding a client or writing, you can find her hanging out with her partner, & doggo, crocheting, drinking coffee, listening to Qveen Herby, and of course surrounded by Minions!

Journaling: Get Clear on your Sales, Marketing and Visibility Goals with Claire Baker (30mins)

Workshop Overview

Join me for some guided journaling to explore your initial thoughts, feelings and beliefs on todays theme, so you can get the most of the workshops coming up.

We'll gain clarity, direction and motivation through intention setting to ensure that what you want to achieve, you will achieve today.


Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Deep clarity on what you would like to gain from the workshops today! Let's get intentional and power up our success!
Claire is an accredited coach and qualified journal mentor, combining the power of coaching with the power of journaling to support women on a self-learning journey that her clients have described as blowing their minds. Her coaching career started nearly 14 years ago as a weight loss coach, coaching and mentoring in various roles before finally leaving employed life to work for herself in 2019. Claire firmly believes when we know who we are and why we do and think the way we do, our self-confidence and trust in ourselves grows. This is why she focuses on supporting women to learn about themselves, to understand their wants and needs, so they can confidently create the life they want.
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Thursday 26th January @10am

Empathy SELLS (Let's ditch the ICK in Marketing! with Emma Loveday (40mins)

Workshop Overview

I'll briefly cover the three E's of Content Types; Empathy, Education, Entertainment,

We'll fovus on and get deeper on the mindset behind an Empathy post in this session (and why it's not an ICKY sell) as well as walking through how to structure and write an effective Empathy post from start to finish.

I'll explain each element of the empathy post but also give you time to write one out for yourself as we go along to ensure you leave with a post that's ready to go!

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Understand why empathy posts are so effective for conversion
  • How to structure an empathy post
  • Write the skeleton of your own empathy post


Business Links

WEBSITE: www.emmaloveday.com

LINKEDIN:  www.linkedin.com/in/elovedaymarketingcoach

EMAIL: hello@emmaloveday.com

Emma Loveday is a Marketing Coach and Copywriter who helps coaches and online service providers convert powerful stories into all in clients. Emma will help you master the art of telling stories your audience can invest in so investing in you becomes the obvious choice.

Thursday 26th January @11am

How to Makes Sales through Networking: Spoiler Alert - it's not what you think! with Lauren Hughes (40mins)

Workshop Overview

We all know the power of networking, sure, but actually stepping into it can feel impossible! This workshop is going to show you how to approach networking in a way that not only feels really positive and energising but also encourages referrals, sales and new client connections. And NO it's not about the hard sell, it's not even that focused on talking about your business.

Come join me to find out how networking helped me, financially and personally, to survive the pandemic and to discover the ways that community building can help you and your business grow.

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Understand that real power of networking isn't about selling yourself
  • An exercise to bust your limiting beliefs around networking
  • 5 Things you can start doing today to become a better networker which leads to deeper connections, a beautiful community around you and ultimately MORE SALES!


Then join us after the session for a taster of Affinity Networking and experience the magic first hand!


Business Links

WEBSITE: www.affinitywomensnetworking.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/laurenofaffinity/

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/affinitywomensnetworking

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: https://www.facebook.com/groups/242552720247455

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/affinitywomensnetworking/

EMAIL: lauren@affinitywomensnetworking.com

Hi I'm Lauren and I sort of accidentally started a women's networking group in early 2021 and it was the best thing that ever 'sort of' happened to me because I discovered my purpose here. With a background in brand visibility coaching and brand photography I have always thrived on helping my clients discover their inner confidence so they could get visible and be present online with their audience with the aim of showing up as their unapologetic selves so they can really connect with their ideal clients. In other news, I'm not everyone's cup of tea; I talk waaaaay too much, I'm very noisy, easily excited and have been described as incessantly helpful. I'm so deeply passionate about what I do and I'm a firm believer that the right people will always be drawn to us because they find that spark of real connection. When we show up unapologetically, we become magnetic to the right people! I love to travel (backpacking style), am oblivious to danger - ask me about that time I was attacked by an elephant! - love a good phoebe run down a busy street and will hug you for at least 20 seconds...it's gonna get real awkward but we'll ride it out - just think of the oxytocin hit!! But seriously, networking is the best way of not only building your business but building your confidence, your community and your personal support network. At Affinity we celebrate community and collaboration over competition and encourage you to courageously be your unapologetic self, which you'll find is much easier in a safe and accepting space. We also love a bit of woo! So come join me for this workshop on 'How to Networking like and Actual Human: for Empathetic Women in Business' to discover an approach to networking that doesn't make you hate networking!

Drop-in to Networking @12pm (1hr)

Open to All, not just Summit Attendees!

Come join us for an hour of Affinity Networking. Unlike any other networking you've tried, it's a heart centred, open and vulnerable space where you can create genuine connection by dropping the 'business' facade and showing up as your unapologetic self. It's a great place to meet friend, build your own community and fill it with likeminded women who become your cheerleaders.

Drop-in to Networking @12pm (1hr)

Open to All, not just Summit Attendees!

Come join us for an hour of Affinity Networking. Unlike any other networking you've tried, it's a heart centred, open and vulnerable space where you can create genuine connection by dropping the 'business' facade and showing up as your unapologetic self. It's a great place to meet friend, build your own community and fill it with likeminded women who become your cheerleaders.

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Thursday 26th January @2pm

How to Generate Leads with Email Marketing with Kelly Cookson (40mins)

Workshop Overview

I'll be showing you THREE core things I put in place for myself and my clients to make email work as a lead generation tool.

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • How to plan your email marketing
  • Tips for consistent email sending
  • Why list building is key to lead generation
  • Practical lead generation tactics (no sleazy selling!)


Business Links

BUSINESS NAME: Cheer Up Marketing

WEBSITE: www.cheerupmarketing.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/cheerupmarketing/

EMAIL: kelly@cheerupmarketing.com

Kelly has over 14 years’ experience in digital marketing and a first class honours degree in Business Information Management where she specialised in marketing. After having her daughter in 2017 and spending a couple of years working part-time, she wanted more flexibility in her working life. This led her to leave her corporate role as Marketing Manager for an international software company and to start her own business, Cheer Up Marketing. Since growing her online marketing business to a 6-figure annual turnover in under three years, Kelly has qualified as a Positive Psychology Coach. Kelly is passionate about mixing marketing with mindset to support her clients to experience more positive emotions and supercharge their business success. Through scientifically-proven positive psychology interventions, Kelly helps her clients to show up with confidence in their marketing and achieve their business goals. All while feeling better than ever! Kelly is a huge advocate of email marketing to grow a business away from social media. She runs an online email marketing programme which teaches business owners how to grow, nurture and sell to an audience in just a couple of hours a week.

Thursday 26th January @3pm

Don't treat your clients like a Booty Call! with Ems Rae Searle (40mins)

Workshop Overview

By now, most of us know that the key to making an impact as well as making sales in our business is through relationship building (and if you don't, you really ought to follow Ems) - but have you taken a fine-toothed comb to your marketing strategy lately?? Marketing isn't dissimilar to dating, or building any other relationship! And as such, consent is key.

Come along to Ems' Ethical Marketing Workshop to learn all about the easy steps to building real relationships with your clients and have a good old fashioned chin-wag about consent in marketing. She'll pepper in lots of real-life comparisons around relationship building to make it super easy to remember. Don't treat your clients like a booty call, They deserve better then that (and so do you). Create a long lasting relationship with your soulmate clients built on the foundations of trust, respect and consent.


Workshop Top Takeaways

  • About the psychology of relationship building with your clients
  • What Permission Based Marketing is, and how to build trust though gaining consent from your clients.
  • How to use these tools in your marketing strategy to make selling easier and less daunting. Think more along the lines of a chat with a friend rather than a nerve-wracking sales pitch - Sounds good, doesn't it?


Business Links

WEBSITE: https://www.emsraesearle.com

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/emsraesearle

LINKEDIN: https://LinkedIn.com/in/emsraesearle

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/@emsraesearle

PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/emsraesearle

BOOKING LINK: https://emsraesearle.as.me IG

EMAIL: emsraesearle@gmail.com

Ems is an Ethical Marketing Strategist and Rowdy Opinionated Ginger who was put here on this planet to change the way we do marketing. She takes a no-nonsense approach to relationship building through content and attracting your ideal client through simple, clever strategy and says 'get in the bin' to sleazy tactics and the manipulation galore that we're all painfully familiar with.

Thursday 26th January @4pm

How to Make More Sales with Charlie Day (40mins)

Workshop Overview

I will take you through a step by step guide in how to create more sales in your business, during this workshop you will take massive action and you will leave the workshop feeling motivated and ready to make more sales in your business, and with the know how too!

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Leads to reach up to
  • A plan of how to close people
  • How to create sales where no sales exist


Business Links

WEBSITE: www.charliedaysales.co.uk

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/charlie_day_sales

EMAIL: charlie@charliedaysales.co.uk

Charlie is passionate about helping business owners create more sales in their businesses and proclaims that ‘selling is easy if you just know how.’ Charlie believes in selling the right way, with integrity and the customers best interests at heart - no sleazy sales tactics or pushy closes with Charlie. She wants to change the face of sales and help people create a sales strategy that works time and time again. In 2019, at just 31, Charlie won Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Essex; her efforts have been praised by Theo Paphitis when she won Small Business Sunday. Charlie has been featured in The Daily Mail, The Guardian Series, The Independent, The Metro, BBC Radio 2 and Good Morning Britain. She also has a top 50 business podcast; The Entrepreneurs Growth Club. If you are looking for Charlie you’ll usually find her in Costa drinking an Americano , or in Disneyland with her husband and five year old Ernie!

Thursday 26th January @5pm

Marketing Strategy that Feels like Magic For Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs with Jenny Leavitt (40mins)

Session Overview

A highly focused session outlining the aspects of an ethical (ergo 'feel good') marketing strategy.


Jenny will walk you through aspects of the planning that you may have missed and will round out the Summit perfectly by equipping you with a plan going forward.

01 What are Ethics?

  • Why this is important
  • How do you incorporate ethical marketing into your business?


02 Know your audience

  • Why this is important
  • Ethical messaging
  • What transformation are they looking for/what they NEED
  • Market research and competitor analysis


03 Know your offer

  • Just because you can doesn't mean you should
  • Why this is important
  • What are the tangible and intangible results?
  • What the transformation is


04 Post sale

  • Nurture
  • The transaction doesn't end at the sale
  • Nurturing after the sale
  • Here's why this is important

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • How to incorporate ethics into your current marketing strategy
  • How to conduct market research
  • How to use them


Business Links

Business Name: Marketing Magic

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thejourneytojenny

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thejourneytojenny/

EMAIL: jnichole86@gmail.com

Jenny is the Marketing Expert and business advisor to some of your favorite brands and entrepreneurs online. She puts her core values into everything she does and empowers her clients to do the same through ethical and strategical marketing strategies that convert. Jenny started her marketing journey back in 2008 traveling the country setting up major promotional events for various fortune 500 companies before hanging up her travel plans and long hours to focus on being a mom. From there she moved into corporate sales, climbed the ladder and found herself in search of something that lit her up again, something she could do to truly make an impact. What she learned from her time in corporate sales though, was that relationships were the key to her success and this became a vital cornerstone in her business today. So she dove head first into digital marketing back in 2018 as a way to make money online that created a positive impact on the world. Her passion quickly became scaling impact-driven businesses who genuinely want to make the world a better place. The gap she found here was that many heart-based entrepreneurs were getting lost in how to market without using the outdated and dreaded “bro-marketing” strategies. So she did the research, worked with multiple businesses and found proven strategies that actually work.. without sacrificing your integrity. Jenny believes that marketing is more than just sales, analytics and KPI’s… it is the relationships we create, the ripple effect we make on the world and remembering why we got into business in the first place. There is a way to market and grow your business that feels good while staying fully in alignment and integrity and she is here to tell you how to do just that.