What's on Day Two

Day Two of the summit focusses on Authentic Branding and Message Development and is all about tapping into your inner wisdom and power to build a business and brand that authentically reflects your personality, values and vision.

NB. We endeavour to deliver the program as outlined, however, speakers and workshop topics may be subject to change at short notice where circumstances are beyond our control.


Joint Session with Jen Thomas and Claire Baker


Joint Session with Jen Thomas and Claire Baker

Wednesday 25th January @8.30am

Each morning we'll prepare for the day ahead with a carefully selected meditation to allow us to calm our minds and tap into the power within. This will be followed by a guided journaling session with the phenomenal Claire Baker who'll be holding our hands throughout the Summit to ensure we stay on track and gain deep clarity.


'Speak your Truth' Chakra Clearing and Alignment Meditation with Jen Thomas with Jen Thomas (30mins)

Workshop Overview

In this brief talk and guided meditation we will be working to activate your energy system through your chakras. To be able to think clearly about your business, communicate clearly and feel deeply connected and utterly in love with your business you need to have clear and vibrant chakras working in perfect harmony together.

Jen will lead one of her bespoke guided meditations working with angelic energy to help clear any blockages sitting in your chakras and energy body so that you can think, speak and feel very clear about your business and where you're going with it. A truly freeing, enlightening mediation leaving you feeling energised and revitalised!


Workshop Top Takeaways

  • You'll leave the session feeling lighter and brighter.
  • You can also expect new & exciting ideas to drop in over the coming hours and days too!
  • And you will be ready to talk about them with heart and clarity.


Business Links

BUSINESS NAME: Revitalise Coaching

WEBSITE: https://www.revitalisecoaching.co.uk

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/revitalisecoaching

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jen-thomas-6b009561

FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulpreneurssanctuary

Nature's Wisdom book - the story of the river & the rock: https://mailchi.mp/a58eb7ea943e/natures-wisdom

TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fMBA_VDa6I

EMAIL: jenny@revitalisecoaching.co.uk

Jen Thomas, Intuitive Coach & Healer, is a leader & advocate of working with emotions in business and was invited to give her TEDx talk, Putting Emotion Back in Business, inspiring others to lead with love, kindness and compassion. Jen is an intuitive coach & healer helping people to clear blocks and stuck energies holding them back in life & business. She is a spiritual mentor helping you to strengthen your connection with the universe and understand who you truly are. When you work with her, you feel empowered, confident and hold a strong sense of inner peace. Jen’s soul mission is to support you on your spiritual journey, whatever that looks like for you. She doesn't claim to be any kind of guru but she is an expert in what she knows and shares her knowledge and experiences openly to help you on your own path.

Journaling: Get Clear on your Business, Branding and Messaging Goals with Claire Baker (30mins)

Workshop Overview

Join me for guided journaling to explore your initial thoughts, feelings and beliefs on todays theme, so you can get the most of the workshops coming up.

We'll gain clarity, direction and motivation through intention setting to ensure that what you want to achieve, you will achieve today.


Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Deep clarity on what you would like to gain from the Summit! Let's get intentional and power up our success!
Claire is an accredited coach and qualified journal mentor, combining the power of coaching with the power of journaling to support women on a self-learning journey that her clients have described as blowing their minds. Her coaching career started nearly 14 years ago as a weight loss coach, coaching and mentoring in various roles before finally leaving employed life to work for herself in 2019. Claire firmly believes when we know who we are and why we do and think the way we do, our self-confidence and trust in ourselves grows. This is why she focuses on supporting women to learn about themselves, to understand their wants and needs, so they can confidently create the life they want.

Wednesday 25th January @10am

Reveal your Deeper Purpose using Music with Melissa Indot (40mins)

Workshop Info TBA

Business Links

BUSINESS NAME: Melissa Indot | Transformational Emotional Healing Life Coach

WEBSITE: www.melissaindot.com

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/melissaindot

LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/melissaindot

EMAIL: askme@intuitivemusicprogramming.com

Melissa is a certified Transformational Emotional Healing Life Coach & self proclaimed Professional Misfit who helps women lead with fearless authenticity by smashing the self-imposed heteronormative stereotypes that keep them playing small through emotional healing inner child and inherited intergenerational trauma Melissa is a Fearlessly Curious Disruptive Empathic guide who coaches introvert, misfit, creative women-identifying leaders who desire to create a purposeful life by their design by disrupting societal norms and expectations of who they should be, incorporating music as a vehicle for emotional healing and to cultivate emotional intelligence.
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Wednesday 25th January @11am

The Power of your Brand Values for Creating Connection with Sarah Cook (40mins)

Workshop Overview

How and why our values are crucial to creating connection and therefore to our business success. Taking a fresh look at our values, why we hold them and how we can use them as our superpower!

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Define your core values
  • Apply them in your marketing to have more impact
  • Feel empowered to talk more openly & more often about your values & their significance


Business Links

BUSINESS NAME: Come Network With Me

WEBSITE: https://www.sarahcook.co.uk/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahhannahcook/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahhannahcook/

EMAIL: sarah@sarahcook.co.uk

Sarah is passionate about empowering women to have a voice, have their story heard and follow their dreams in life & business. Sarah's mission is to offer innovative, extraordinary & inspiring (and fun!) networking opportunities for female lead businesses. Sarah founded Come Network With Me & her membership The Tribe in 2016. Sarah has seen many many amazing women come through those networking doors! Sarah believes networking is the best way to grow your business & your self belief.
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Wednesday 25th January @12pm

Find your Quirk and use it to STAND OUT in Business! with Chloe Ambrose (40mins)

Workshop Overview

What if you could find that one thing, that unique thing, that seperated you from everyone? Something that allowed your brand to step out of the shadowy wings and onto the stage in all its glory? Well, a quirk is exactly that thing.

Quirks, or the way we creatively position ourselves or business in the market, is a great way of getting your brand singing louder, flying higher, and striding further ahead. So, find your unique creative direction with the help of this quirk discovery workshop.

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Five personal quirks for you to harness in business
  • Tips and tricks on how to start standing out with those quirks!
  • An introduction to crafting a Quirk Strategy for your business


Business Links

BUSINESS NAME: Creative Strides

WEBSITE: https://www.creativestrides.co.uk/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thecreativestrides/

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TheCreativeStrides

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chloemaureenambrose/

EMAIL: hello@creativestrides.co.uk

This unapologetic wearer of colours is our creativity and differentiation director Chloe. Before setting up the Creative Strides, Chloe worked in social media agencies and in-house marketing teams for the last seven years where she quickly learned something... the creative industry doesn't make enough time for creativity! So, she decided to change that by bringing creative direction support and creativity boosting workshops to stuck marketing teams and business owners. Focusing on stand-out ideas that get brands striding ahead of their competitors, keeping up with our creativity-thirsty world, and achieving the creative vision they desire.

Wednesday 25th January @2pm

Write an Empowering Personal Story Post: Permission to be Vulnerable with Rebecca Clark (40mins)

Workshop Overview

We'll start with why sharing your personal story can be so powerful especially for us helpers. Then we'll cover why it can be so difficult and how to be vulnerable in a safe and meaningful way. With that context covered, we'll get into a social media post structure you can use to share personal stories.

At each stage in the structure, you'll have a moment to write that part of the post yourself so you'll walk away with at least a draft of a vulnerable post you can use.

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • A draft of a vulnerable social media post sharing a personal story
  • A structure that can reused again and again


Business Links

WEBSITE: https://www.poweredupcontent.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/poweredupcontent

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-clark-copywriter/

EMAIL: rebecca@poweredupcontent.com

Rebecca loves helping bold, brave and boundary breaking women in business to write content that is raw, real and results-driven by holding a space for them to focus, grow in confidence and upskill.

Wednesday 25th January @3pm

How to Infuse your Brand with Heart & Soul: Design your Brand Colour Palette with Gemma Storey (40mins)

Workshop Overview

When you have a brand that is infused with heart and soul, it is the key to unlocking great success. Why? Because simply put, soulful and heart-led branding is all about being your true authentic and unapologetic self in business, and when you give yourself permission to be yourself, everything starts to align with your passion and purpose and results in being wildly magnetic to your ideal clients without having to try hard, because being yourself comes easy.


Sounds too easy right? But trust me, the moment you decide to let go of the fear of what people may think and start to reprogramme your mindset to the limitless possibilities that await you, you will wish you had done this sooner!

Heart and soul branding is not just about pretty logos and colour palettes, it requires self-reflection and deep diving, plus a little bit of vulnerability to show up and embody your unique self. Why not take the first step by joining me in my Affinity masterclass to learn the magic for yourself? I can’t wait to see you there!


Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Discover the secret formula to what a brand infused with Heart and Soul really is
  • Know why you should lead with your ‘WHY’ in your brand
  • A demo on how to create a mood board for your brand as a starting point


Business Links

BUSINESS NAME: Infinity Creative

Let’s Connect on the ‘gram: https://www.instagram.com/infinity.creative.realm/

Learn Canva & Design Tips inside The Canva Coven: https://www.facebook.com/groups/canvacoven

Visit the Magical Realm of Infinity Creative: https://infinity-creative.co.uk/

EMAIL: gemma@infinity-creative.co.uk

Gemma Storey is a Brand Alchemist from the realm of Infinity Creative, and she’s on her North Star mission to transform businesses around the globe, with star-powered brands. Gemma combines her craft of graphic design with the alchemy of astrology to conjure up the ultimate branding love potions for her clients. Gemma is also a huge Canva enthusiast and is the Head Witch of her Canva Coven, where she finds joy in teaching solopreneurs the magic of how Canva can help grow and elevate their businesses. Canva is the fastest growing online tool, where the possibilities to create anything is limitless! When Gemma is not working her creative magic or raving about the latest Canva update, she can be found chilling with her black cat and business mascot, Salem, watching the latest true crime documentary on Netflix together.
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Wednesday 25th January @4pm

Your Ideal Client's a Psycho! with Kara Jordan (40mins)

Workshop Overview

We humans are all a little bit psycho. We hear voices in our heads. We feel things in our bodies… and then we act upon those things we FEEL. In this session we’re going to dive deep into what makes your Ideal Client (that person your work helps the most) tick through live interactive activities … all so you can reach them better through your marketing.

hat we'll cover: - why most ideal client activities don't take your understanding far enough... which makes your marketing much harder - how to deeply understand your ANTI-client so you can speak more clearly to who you really want to work with - all the ways your favorite clients are PSYCHOs... and how to use it in your marketing


Workshop Top Takeaways

  • Get to know your 'anti-ideal client' and know the people you don't want to work with to help you focus on the ones you do!
  • Identify the beliefs, experiences, struggles and values you share with your ideal client so you can better connect with them


Business Links


WEBSITE: www.karajordan.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/karajordanmarketing/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karajordanmarketing/

EMAIL: kara@karajordan.com

Kara Jordan creates branding and builds marketing funnels and websites for online business owners who are changing the world. She believe that marketing and design should transform the lives of those who experience it. That viewing a website should be an emotional experience. That reading a landing page should enlighten. That good marketing makes you feel like you belong. Someone understands you. That you’re not alone. Kara has built countless marketing funnels, sales pages, and websites for world-changers since 2016— both in Digital Marketing Agencies and directly partnered with visionaries. She's a marketing strategist. A conversion designer. An operations and systems nerd. And she likes cats.

Wednesday 25th January @5pm

Write your Authentic 'About Me' Page TODAY with Sarah Davis (40mins)

Workshop Overview

We will explore where your passion for your business comes from and how you can capture this in your story. We'll look at how to share your journey in a way that your ideal clients can relate to, a way that will inspire their trust and confidence in you and your business. I'll help you to create your own 'About Me' page.

Workshop Top Takeaways

  • An understanding of how to use your story to reach your ideal client

  • Knowledge of how to structure an 'About Me' page

  • Walk away with a rough draft of your 'About Me' page


Business Links

WEBSITE: https://theparentingcopywriter.co.uk

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sarahdavis_writer

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/SarahDavisWriter

FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1562655980600829

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-davis-847144203

GROUP PROGRAM: https://theparentingcopywriter.co.uk/group-programme

WORKSHOP: https://theparentingcopywriter.co.uk/workshop

EMAIL: Sarah@theparentingcopywriter.co.uk

Sarah Davis is The Parenting Copywriter, specialising in creating website and blog copy for business owners whose ideal clients are parents. Sarah has decades of experience in writing for a parent audience, through being a copywriter, a former primary school teacher and the author of 'Baby Daze,' a book for new and expectant mums. As well as providing copy that reflects the voice, vision and values of her clients, Sarah also runs group programmes and workshops, to help people to write their own copy.