Welcome to your new Community!

Welcome to your new Community!

Affinity began life as a wonderful, thriving Facebook community where we still hang out together.

It has become a safe space and a real 'go to' area online where you can feel safe and secure, and even brave, enough to show up as your unapologetic self.

There is no judgement in this space, only curiosity and we encourage you to treat yourself the same way. Kindness and curiosity over judgement and community over competition are two of our core values along with helping others to help others.

So come join this positive ripple effect of change, meet your new friends and make connections in business that are so much more than just a sale.

Come as you are

Show up as much as you like

Engage with other members

Fill your community with inspiring women

Promote your business

Join us at our Networking Socials

I cannot wait to welcome you into the community!

What our members say...

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More from our members...

"Your networking Lauren has actually provided the platform for me to see and appreciate who I am, that the world is not going to judge me for who I am and if they do those peeps can do one"






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