TOP TIPS: 3 great conversation starters to encourage your audience to engage

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Ok so one of the things we find easier to do in real life than on social media is to have conversations, that two way dialogue that takes a ton of pressure off you because the burden of filling the space between you with words is shared. 

So why do we show up on social media talking ‘at’ people? What is that? No wonder so many of us feel resentment towards social media. It’s hard for those lovely people on the other side of the interwebs to respond when they are being talked at, right? What happens is we don’t get any engagement and it feels like a waste of time. 

So let’s start showing up on social media in the same way that we show up in real life. You wouldn’t walk up to someone in a room full of people and just say “I’ve written this value packed pdf” and then shove it in their hands and walk off would you?  

Instead let’s start asking questions, creating a safe space where strangers (because they are often strangers at this point) feel they can share their views, struggles and fears. Let’s invite them into the conversation instead of showing up like a flippin show pony, presenting an awkward performance and then skulking away. 

So here are three great conversation starters I’d love to slide in your direction, feel free to use them as you will! 


Run a poll asking what they would most like to hear about from you OR what they struggle with most that you can help them with. 

Tip: always, always, always encourage them to add feedback in the comments so you can have a chat with them. 


“What’s your superpower?”

I love this one because it really encourages us to focus on the positives and as with all my suggestions, you can merely ask the question OR (even better) you can tell a bit of your story, what’s your superpower and how to you come to have it or tell a story about a time when it really helped you or a client. 


What’s the biggest knock on effect you have around [insert your clients problem here]? How does it impact your life when you really think about it? Let’s see if I can help you soothe/reduce it in some way today. 

This one is great to get them to think about the problem and the impact that problem that has on their lives. It opens up a dialogue between you and your prospective clients and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and your helpful nature too! 

I hope you’ve found these suggestions useful, you’ll find lots more visibility prompts and conversation starters inside the Affinity Toolkit, you can find out more and join below. Now go get visible you delightful creature! 

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