TOP TIPS: 3 Helpful ways to create great content from your existing testimonials

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So I know that a bunch of us struggle to get visible. You’re not alone and there’s a myriad reason why.

Often it’s because our mind monkeys get in the way but it’s also often because we just don’t know what to say right? The biggest hurdle to get over is the fear of being spammy. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…you CANNOT spam people on the internet, there is just too much noise. So first things first, it’s vital that we get past that though process that so often stumps us before we’ve even begun ‘I can’t post too often because I don’t want to appear spammy’.

Just leave it at the door and come on inside, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and let’s talk about how much we love getting visible because we know how powerful it is for growing our successful businesses (and also, hello free marketing!)

So, just for starters, if ever you find yourself stumped with what to talk about… I’d love to offer you three helpful ways to create great content with ease from your existing testimonials.

3 Pieces of content from just one sentence!!!?

Grab the very BEST line from your favourite testimonial. Make sure it’s either one that really highlights what they achieved from working with you OR one that talks about the worries they had before and how they felt afterwards.

Then create these three pieces of content from it; 


Open with the line from the testimonial, then go on to talk about that particular client, tell their story, talk about how they’ve inspired you, what they do and why you loved working with them. 

Then tag them and/or link to their website so people can find them. Become a champion for your clients. Because how much do us empathetic types love lifting others up am I right? (sssssh, don’t tell anyone but this also makes YOU look great!)

Share the same post across your platform, either all at once or staggered using a scheduler. 


Open with a question relating to what’s mentioned in the testimonial. Include the testimonial snippet and go on to talk more about the pain point/objection/barrier/breakthrough mentioned. 

Invite your audience into the conversation with you by ensuring that they know their opinion is both welcome and valuable. Create a safe space where sharing is encouraged. 

Share the same post across your platform, either all at once or staggered using a scheduler. 


This one’s super easy. Take that testimonial snippet and create a branded Canva graphic from it then, yes you guessed it, share the same post across your platform, either all at once or staggered using a scheduler. 

This is just one of the ways in which one little teeny tiny piece of content can be used to create tons more content!! I really hope you’ve found this helpful and I’d love to see your posts showing up in the group and on your own platforms. Don’t forget to tag me if you post these in the group, I’d love to see them!

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